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Our Dogs


Chocolate pit bull mix Luigi is about nine years old; he was rescued from the horrific world of dog fighting by Elizabeth. He was already an adult dog when rescued so it is hard to tell his exact age but he has been with us since 2006. He is one of those dogs who never stops loving and working for his owners. Luigi does it all. From being our demo dog, to AKC obedience and protection work, he loves spending time with his best pal Beulah. This guy has had a couple of near-death experiences but has always had the heart and will to pull through and live another day with us! Luigi has achieved his TT, CGC as well as his TD title within the last couple of years!


A three-year-old Belgian Malinois, Beulah has been with us since she was six weeks old! While attending the Tom Rose School, Beulah was the young pup who would aid Carlos in achieving several certificates and awards towards his Master Trainer title! She loves working, playing, sleeping, eating and spending time with her best pal Luigi. Being a Malinois she has all the energy in the world, allowing her to compete in AKC, Mondio and French ring sports as well as Schutzhund and PSA. She has achieved several titles and certificates with both of her handlers and this young girl has many more ahead of her as well! She is in her prime right now and we take advantage of the fact that so much time and effort have been spent in training her to the best of her abilities. We are very proud of her accomplishments!