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Photos & Videos

  • Frisco from Real Deal Chocolates working on his targeting and bite work technique for his upcoming competitions!

  • Pico, a French bulldog, accomplished on/off leash obedience as we well as many other lifelong lessons during his 6 week lodge and learn!

  • Chealse is learning how walk properly on a leash and alongside her “brother” Harvey especially when other dogs are around or squirrels are running up trees!

  • Harvey is only 18 months old and in need of some basic obedience as well having him understand proper etiquette when meeting strangers at the door and on long walks.

  • Thiago one of our youngest clients comes to us for day training sessions to work on socialization and potty training as well! Hi family knew that he needed to start as young as 13 weeks to make sure that he grows up to be an awesome dog.

  • Beulah, our 3 year old Malinois working on proper leg targeting techniques during a Mondio Ring training session.

  • Luigi seen here training in a personal protection scenario that simulates a real life situation that might happen any day!

  • Xander this handsome Malinois has achieved countless titles in both the French Ring and Mondio Ring Sports. He never passes up the opportunity to “bite” Decoy Carlos D. Aguirre!

  • Haley and Rogue are happy girls just running around and playing with one another but have come to us for day training to brush up on their obedience skills especially when out in public places.

  • Six month old Kato, a Rottweiler puppy, imported from Panama is having a great time training and playing in the snow with the Wolf’s Lair K9 team!

  • Kato’s litter mate has just as much if not more energy than Kato and loves to work! Keep a outlook on our Facebook page to see how these two awesome pups grow and mature!

  • Bravo & Sierra are starting their long journey training here with us before becoming a part of the Sheepdog Impact Assistence organization as search and rescue dogs.

  • This is Wolf’s Lair K9’s latest addition to the family and our pack! This 3 ½ month old APBT came to us thanks to Real Deal Chocolates in Florida and will become a real super star excelling in numerous competitive sports and as a demo dog!

  • Tito of Real Deal Chocolates having some fun in a bite work session.

  • Kiki has been working on some obedience and tug work with Wolf’s Lair K9.