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Photos & Videos

  • Phoenix the Malinois Lab mix is full of energy and ready to learn!! What this little monster loves to do is GO!

  • 9 year old pit bull Bella proves that even old dogs can learn new tricks! Slowly but surely through our lodge and learn program!

  • Here is Phoenix and Jeff doing what they do best working together! What you see here are the beginning steps to obedience competition training

  • It’s Hammer time! Doberman Hammer learning some leg techniques for French Ring!

  • Maligator Ammo in an awesome bite work session!

  • This stunning puppy Gemma, is ready to show her stuff all the way from Germany!

  • Three year old Pistol is a little power house that loves to work for her momma!

  • Phoenix 8 month old red lab, working on his basic obedience to handle his food aggression issues.

  • Five month old Dutch shepherd Danger, is eager to learn and always ready to work!

  • Khaleesi working on her basic obedience in a new area and starting to learn jumps!

  • Carlos working on The Courage Test techniques for the Protection Sports Association (PSA)

  • Pistol is working on her targeting technique in this bite work session! This is one of her favorite pass times!

  • Eight month old red lab Phoenix, has tons of energy and is full of excitement for life! He is leaning how to control himself and what good manners are!

  • This young APBT had a rough start in life as he was rescued and had a broken leg from getting hit by a car. He has recovered perfectly and is now learning on and off leash basic obedience!

  • Obedience training with Tica at a local dog park under heavy distractions from people and dogs. Tica can be a bit aggressive on-leash and is learning that there is no need to be reactive in situations like this.