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Q: What is your training philosophy?

At Wolf’s Lair K9 we believe that going back to basics with dogs is one of the best approaches, through focusing on the dog’s core needs and how they learn. It is known that not every dog learns the same way but by building a solid foundation we are able to establish the groundwork for achieving a well-balanced dog. We strongly believe and understand that training must be tailored not only to the needs of our clients but also to those of the each dog, thereby guaranteeing overall success. We believe that adaptability is crucial in any successful training environment.

Q. Will my dog’s spirit be "broken" in the course of training?

A. No, training is based on enhancing your dog’s confidence and self-assurance through positive and consistent guidance and reinforcement.

Q: Will my dog just grow out of his aggressive behavior?

A: No; as with all developing problems, it is far better to be proactive than to deal with a deep-seated negative behavior later in the dog's life.

Q: How old does my dog have to be for training?

A: The younger the better! Do not wait and let your puppy pick up bad manners. Start training as soon as you get them to establish a foundation and give them the best chance you can.

Q: Is exercise important for my dog?

A: Yes! Always keep your dogs in good physical condition! Along with exercise, make sure you are keeping their minds sharp. This will also help discourage bad behavior. Both are key ingredients to having a well behaved pet in your home.

Q: How long should my training sessions be and how many times a day?

A: Your dog is always learning, whether you have a set amount of time or not. It is ideal to have several sessions throughout the day and to keep all of the training sessions consistent.

Q. What is obedience and behavior modification?

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A. Obedience:

Obedience can mean that you can walk your dog without being pulled along and they are well-behaved on every walk. You can ask them to sit and they will sit; they will come when called, every time. It also means proper house manners. General obedience means your dog behaves the way you want them to.

Behavior modification:

Behavior modification training is needed when your dog has a behavior or tendency that you do not want or like and you want to change it. It can alleviate your concerns related to separation anxiety, destruction, barking, jumping on you, aggression and many others negative behaviors.

Advanced training:

Advanced training is total off-leash control. It can mean that your dog is off-leash and anywhere at any time you can call your dog to you and he/she will come to you immediately without hesitation. Dogs are capable of understanding and learning concepts and techniques that are far more complex than we give them credit for.