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Recently we had our two dogs (Dachsund & Corgi) participate in Wolf Lair's Lodge & Learn program. Before we sent them off to 'camp' Owner-Trainers, Carlos and Elly, came to our house for several preliminary lessons which were really helpful and provided guidance.

Our Dachshund is actually pretty good, but we thought having him join his brother for the training might provide them with a bonding experience. We received photos of them and progress reports throughout their stay, and when they were dropped off at our house at the end of their training, they were happy to see us, and it was obvious they had been well cared for, and enjoyed their temporary caregivers.

Aside from family members in the past who have taken care of our pups while we're out of town, I've never felt as comfortable leaving them with anyone as I have with Carlos and Elly. They love dogs, and dogs love them - it's pretty apparent their business isn't just a business, it's a passion.

In a nutshell - I would highly recommend Wolf's Lair. I'm finally able to walk our Corgi without a complete melt-down scene every time a car goes by, a squirrel makes eye contact, or a bird chirps at him the wrong way...AND he doesn't pull on the leash (if you own a Corgi, you KNOW how stubborn and head strong they can be!)

Now, when I see other dog walker's coming down the path, I don't feel the need to suddenly dart behind a bush, or slink into a side street to avoid further embarrassing bad behavior - what a relief! It's actually a pleasure to walk him.

Our Corgi continues to become a much improved, and well mannered family member as we continue to implement the training Carols and Elly provided for us, and even our little Dachshund has improved upon his almost perfect self.

5 Stars Wolf's Lair!

Nancy N.

Carlos and Elly have been a blessing for our family and our new pup! We were introduced to them by a mutual friend. Right off the bat our dog Bandit loved them! Carlos and Elly have been training bandit now for a few months. Just the short period of time he has spent with them he always comes back as a brand new well trained dog! Bandit just recently spent a week with them and has become a great listener! I can't imagine anyone else training our Amstaff! Everyone i come in contact with who owns a dog i always recommend them!

Adams Family

The Finke Family owes much gratitude to Carlos and Elizabeth. They have become our strength when we were all out of patience with Dozer. Dozer our beautiful English Mastiff had a ton of puppy in him. He was doing all the bad things puppies do and even adding new ones to the list. We were thrilled in just the first 15 minutes of Carlos and Elizabeth, we chatted and they got right to work. All of a sudden Dozer was listening. They gave us hope. I could say I owe 100% of dozer good behavior to them. I'm so proud to tell them a story of how good he was when we went to an event or when he didn't run out the door when I left it open. To find out they do day training was just an added bonus for us. Dozer is a dog that really needed to be worked a full day all day. So even now once a week or sometimes more Dozer needs an attitude adjustment or just a fun day of play and he comes back a well manner pile of love again. I love knowing he is being socialized and trained at the same time in a safe environment.

They are not just trainers they are so much more than that. They care and have passion unlike any other trainers we have seen. I am a little happier as well; because there is less yelling "Dozer NO" every 10 minutes. They are professional and strong and such a dynamic team to watch and work with. We wouldn't know what do without them. They are my go to for all dog related questions....dozer is sick I call them, text them. I wouldn't trust anyone else with Dozer!

The Finke Family

Carlos and Elly are absolutely amazing people and professional and caring trainers! We've done boarding with them and now continuing training. I would highly recommend Wolf's Lair K9 for everybody who wants THE BEST for their dog!

Tonya & Beau

I have been thinking about this for a bit on what to say. Carlos and Elly have been fabulous and we can't say enough about them. The second I met them I knew they were the ones to help with the training of our dog. They have made a major impact on our family and our wonderful golden retriever Gibson. He is a work in progress, but what a difference we have seen in him. Gibson has needed lots of help from basic commands too some more involved issues that were not taken care of as a puppy. They truly love our dog and get everyone involved in the training as we have 3 young children. They have become part of our family and have a great wonderful interest in making sure everything is done right. We are working on everything with Gibson from sitting, too staying, too not jumping and appropriately playing with other dogs. Even during our runs now, I can feel at ease when running with Gibson if there are other dogs in our path. Not only do they work with Gibson they are working with the entire family and are doing training in "real" time....3 screaming kids, a dog, stroller, and bikes. They show a deep caring and compassion towards the entire family and the feeling is mutual. There aren't enough thank you's out there too express too Carlos and Elly~ We look forward to continuing and improving Gibson's behavior.

The Levy Family

I couldn't be more thankful for the work Carlos and Elly did with my year and a half old Pit. There is a plethora of misinformation in the dog training world, anywhere from how my dog should eat to how I should train her. Carlos and Elly trained my Boca to be a service dog, so I can bring her with me where ever I go, and I never thought I would have such a well trained dog. Boca, being a pitbull, had some issues with allergies that even the higher quality pet foods would exasperate. Carlos and Elly started having my family and I feed her raw and we haven't had a problem since. She also had hip issues, but after recommending the right diet and supplements, she also no longer has any problems. It's almost like Boca is a whole different dog now, they definitely set her up for long term success. I have gone through several different trainers with Boca, and I would never recommend anyone other than Wolf's Lair.

Highly, highly, highly recommend Carlos & Elly!

Alex, Laura & Boca

Carlos and Elly were recommended to me by a trusted friend. I am so happy that my friend made the referral, because she knew how much I loved my pup. I had a crème golden retriever, who is the love of my life! I have to travel at times, and I worried about finding just the right care of my pup. Along comes Carlos and Elly, and I know my pup has a home away from home, and when I pick her up, she has received training too!. She learned in her first stay not to jump on guests, and has not done so since that very first stay!

I now have a second pup, just 10 weeks old, who is assimilating into my home, and the two pups are already attached at the hip. I have total confidence in not only their safety and care when with Carlos and Elly, but that they will receive the wonderful skilled training as well. My goal is to have my pups become therapy dogs, and I'm going to count on Carlos and Elly to help me get there.

I consider Carlos and Elly part of my extended family already! I have already recommended them to my friends, and would recommend them to anyone looking to make sure your pups are a loving and trained part of your family.

Mary Anne, Delaney & Darby

Carlos and Elly were recommended to me through folks at the Rescue where we adopted our girl Ella who is a Very High Energy Pit Bull who was recovering from ACL surgery and we needed some guidance on how to help direct this girls' energy -I have met a lot of Dog Trainers - and What is unique about Carlos and Elly is they are highly experienced and well versed in dogs and breeds - they work with the dog you have - (breed, energy, condition, potential,) The second I met them -and in the first 5 minutes of our conversation - it was clear they are highly professional, educated and most of all Experienced. In a few minutes had an entire understanding of Ella and how to guide us to work with her and her incredible level of energy - it was amazing and moving to see in action the positive impact on our Ella as a result of their guidance with her - they truly have expertise in dogs and specific breeds and what they require. What is wonderful about Carlos and Elly is they are people you just want to spend time with and as a sideline you get your dog trained as well as you get trained - they are honest, fun, engaging, kind, patient and have a great sense of humor - . I love how they remind us - these are DOGS and furthermore, our responsibilities as owners to provide them their best life!

Thank you Carlos and Elly!

Terri, Garry, Ella & Buddy

Carlos and Elly are awesome! Our mixed breed little girl is "spirited" and they have done wonders working with her. She no longer jumps on the table to steal food! Even non-dog loving friends have commented on what a good girl she has become. I also like that they look at each dog as part of a family unit. They have worked with me and my 10 year old daughter training us! If you want great dog trainers - call Carlos and Elly!

Kelly & Izzy

Carlos & Elly have become like family to us! They are amazing trainers who care so much about dogs! We have a 6 year old German Shepherd who had kind of a little attitude problem, especially when someone would knock on the door, or when another dog would come over. He is a great dog but he was just a little bit over protective. Through several weeks of training with Carlos & Elly, Dusty has become a lot more tame and manageable! We are no longer scared to bring anyone over our house or take him on a walk. They have really brought out the best in Dusty. Carlos & Elly take the time after every lesson to explain to us how Dusty is doing, and what the plan is for moving forward. They explain to us how they are teaching Dusty and more importantly, they explain to us what we need to do to continue the training at home. The whole family feels so grateful to them for doing such a wonderful job.

Now 2 months later Dusty listens to commands and he is even fine with other Dogs at the house. Dusty has improved so much after his lessons that we decided to get another dog, and of course we would only trust Carlos & Elly to train him.

I know that choosing the right trainer for your dog is a big step, but i can say that with all my heart Carlos & Elly are the best. I would recommend them to anyone looking to get the best out of their Dog!

The Cabrera Family

Carlos and Elly are fantastic! It was apparent from the day we meet them that they both have exactly the kind of calm confidence that dogs(and people) immediately respond to. Being new to this myself, I was afraid I was going to get an earful about what we were doing wrong and instead they made me(and my whole family) feel confident in our ability to raise our challenging puppy. We have a now one year old coonhound who they have been working with for about six months. They have been very patient in finding the training techniques that work with our stubborn beast! And boy was he a challenge! They have always given me straightforward answers to my questions and are very accessible. Blue(the coonhound) loves going with them. I think he likes them more than he likes us:) We are very lucky to have found Carlos and Elly! We have noticed an enormous improvement in Blue's behavior since starting with them and we are totally confident that they will continue to help us to raise a great companion for our family.

Andrew & Jill

I've been pondering for a few weeks what I wanted to say about Carlos and Elly. They're fantastic trainers and have helped me more than they know. I have a 14 month old GSD, a good dog that needed to be taken to a higher level in her training so I called Wolfs Lair. I just couldn't decide what to say to convey just how good they are until today when it all came together. I took Heidi to the Forest Preserve for a long walk. We walked about four miles off lead. Heidi stopped when told when a bicycle approached, she waited when asked, came by me on was the most amazing walk. I've known she was ready but needed to get over my jitters, I live with her but had no idea she had come this far. I have that once in a lifetime dog and I have Carlos and Elly to thank.

Before Carlos and Elly I had a good dog, now I have an awesome dog thanks to the guidance and training Heidi and I received. The bond that develops through good training is remarkable...I forget Heidi is a dog sometimes. I will never stop training with Carlos and Elly no matter how well trained Heidi becomes, its forever.

Robin & Jim

5. Carlos and Elly are incredible. We started training my currently 7 month old cavapoo Winnie at 10 weeks old. Winnie loves working them and staying with them when I am away. Carlos and Elly are always able to adapt to her different behaviors and know exactly what to do to change them. I cannot imagine Winnie without them. Winnie has a very strong personality and without Elly and Carlos I don't think she would be as good a dog as she currently is.

I also cannot thank them enough for all the help they have given me in teaching me how to continue training Winnie when they are not here. We are looking forward to continuing further advanced training with them.

I honestly cannot say enough good things about them as trainers and people. I completely trust them with Winnie!

Lisa & Winnie

We had a great time training with Carlos and Elizabeth from Wolf's Lair K9.The dogs did excellent, and we learned a lot that weekend. We respect that they are into working dog sports, and share a love and passion for working breeds. Wolf's Lair K9 has excellent training skills and keeps it fun. We highly recommend them to anyone. Thanks Carlos and Elly =)
Real Deal Chocolates

I will highly recommend Wolf's Lair K9’s professional services to all!! Their dedication, hard work, and honesty speaks for itself. The proof is definitely in your canine after they have done their magic, as I call it! Your training is tailored to your personal needs and goals for your special canine. You not only get {hands-on training} but you will also have the support for any questions or concerns that you may have. As they will tell you, do not be afraid to ask as there is never a question that does not have merit. Wolf's Lair K9 is currently working with my second long coat German shepherd. My training is based on conditioning and training for competition for further titles for my dogs, which will include BH/SCH titles to name just a few. But whatever training or concerns you may have, they have the methods to handle them. The devotion and true love and effort for each dog is outstanding as they will treat your dog as one of their pack! Wolf's Lair K9’s ethics are second to none. They truly give your canine the highest level of effort with awesome results! I could not be more satisfied with the result of their efforts! My dogs are happy to do the work, which makes each training session such a great success.

Gold Rush German Shepherds
Roxann Rokicki

Thank you for everything you have done for us in just 2 sessions! We would be lost without you and Elly; you have taught us so much and given us great advice. I know that with your help Khaleesi will grow to be a great dog! I would HIGHLY recommend you to anyone that is looking for a trainer.

With over 28 years of experience in military, law enforcement and private security field, I have seen a lot of people claim to have mystical training powers and if you learn their system or buy their program you will be invincible...all you ever really get is a lot less money and a rerun of a system or product watered down and packaged up. When it comes to K9 training I’m of the opinion. K9 selection and training for both the instructor and dog are crucial whether it be for a home pet or security/law enforcement/military application. The training needs to be professional in its approach and through in its delivery but simple enough for the handler to retain long term and build on. So the instructor and his methods are key. Carlos D. Aguirre in my experience passes the strictest requirements on an international level to deliver a solid product and training. Attention to detail and devotion to professionalism is something I have seen firsthand in my dealings with him. If you or your agency is looking for a K9 instructor or a trained K9 that will exceed your expectations, I highly recommend Carlos to meet the needs. Not just as a K9 instructor but as a professional and a friend. He has been there and knows the importance of having a solid K9 partner can mean going home or going to the hospital. He also knows the importance of a well trained K9 for a family can be. These dogs become family members and as such how disciplined they are and socialized reflects on him and the family. Chaining a dog out is no way to treat a family member now is it? Carlos ensures his training will make sure there is never a need for that. I believe the type of person reflects on the level of professionalism you will receive. For those of you who read this I don’t know you but I can tell you this from firsthand experience...If I have to go into a hostile environment, Carlos D. Aguirre is one person I want to have beside me in that environment, along with any K9 trained by him.

We have a 5 year old Boxer who is totally alpha. She is a great girl but gets aggressive toward certain dogs when she is on a leash. Wolf's Lair K9 taught me how to communicate with my dog properly and correctly utilize the tools I have. They gave me the information I needed to control my dog and be a responsible dog owner. Carlos is a GREAT trainer and is passionate about his job and the animals. I can't thank you enough!

When we found ourselves unable to enjoy routine activities with Dakota, our Australian Cattle dog, we knew it was time to turn to outside assistance. After speaking with several professional trainers we made the correct decision to solicit the help of Carlos and Elly. When we spoke with them they were extremely confident that they could improve the behavior of our four-legged companion. From the minute they entered our house we saw noticeable changes in her behavior. They targeted her more challenging behaviors in a very efficient way. Not only were they training her, but they were teaching us to maintain the discipline when they were not present. Carlos and Elly have consistently met and exceeded our expectations. We could not be any more satisfied with the results we have seen.

Carlos is an amazing trainer and I highly recommend him to anyone who needs dog training. I have a Pit and Carlos has worked wonders with him. Carlos is not only an amazing trainer but also responsible & trustworthy person. Traits that hard to find these daysoh and by the way, upon talking with Carlos I find that he is a veteran of the IRAQ war and a Purple Heart recipient. Let’s give our vet's a chance to make an honest living! You won't be disappointed.

They say you get what you pay for. We feel the service goes beyond that with the personal "one on one" attention you receive. This investment in our dog(s) has been worth every penny. We would recommend Wolf's Lair K9 to anyone. Thank you Carlos & Elly!

Just wanted to say thank you and Elly, from Mari and I. The training tools and techniques that you have shown us, have worked out great! We really look forward to having you continue training us on how to work with Jazz and Rico. As pit bull owners and fellow dog lovers, we want to be as responsible as possible and with your help we are confident we will achieve that goal.

I had wanted a French Bulldog for our family for over a year. When we got Thiago, I wanted to start him off right away with training so I contacted Carlos to help me with puppy training. Carlos has patiently helped me with Thiago's housebreaking as well as sit, down and come commands. I was nervous before I got Thiago because I read the breed can be stubborn but Carlos has made Thiago a joy to have. I will continue to train with Wolf's Lair K9 as Thiago matures.

I have a male French bulldog that was beginning to behave stubbornly and I was having difficulty training. I sent my dog to be trained after hearing amazing things about the training methods and program. When I went to pick up my dog I was amazed at how well he listened to commands and how he did not react to other dog's or people's influences. Though the training would not last, but over a year later my dog is still responding well to commands and new training. I have to travel frequently and my dog is able to travel cross-country without difficulty or causing any confusion. I take my dog everywhere and I am constantly getting compliments about how well behaved he is and how people wish they could have a dog just like him. I could not be happier!!

We have been in a quest of a great trainer for our two boxers for several months, but the few ones we got in touch with never seemed able to meet our expectations. Finally, we discovered Wolf's Lair K9 through the Internet. We couldn't ask for more passionate and qualified trainer than Carlos D. Aguirre. We’re extremely satisfied with the training progress and most importantly with the way he and Elly are treating our dogs. Needles to say we are extremely satisfied with the results. You can tell that Carlos and Elly are experts in helping dog owners and their dogs meet their needs. We are impressed with their knowledge, but even more with their love for animals. We highly recommend Wolf's Lair K9 to everyone who is looking for fantastic trainers, who want to have a perfectly trained and obedient dog, and gain the confidence that no matter the circumstances your dog will always protect you.

Dear Wolf's Lair K9,

I wanted to thank Carlos Daniel Aguirre for the training of my French Bulldog, Pico. I had served with Carlos in the Marine Corps and his professionalism has definitely followed in canine training. Pico is now my service animal and assists me with everyday tasks. He is now more obedient and understands my needs, taken straight from the techniques Wolf's Lair teaches. I cannot thank the team at Wolf's Lair enough! I highly recommend them anytime!

I would definitely recommend training with Carlos and Elizabeth the change in behavior with my German Shepherd Igor during bite work. Before he would not even look at the sleeve just want to attack the person because of a bad training technique by my old trainer (the breeder where I got him) now Igor is prey drive not civil. Thank You Carlos and Elizabeth

Hi Dan and Elizabeth,

Can't thank you enough for your hospitality this past weekend. We appreciate you sharing your knowledge and expertise with us. Making the trip from New York to bring our dogs to you was well worth it. We'll see you in a couple of months to pick up our professionally trained pups. See you then.

I just wanted to give a BIG thanks to Carlos Daniel Aguirre and Elizabeth for the AWESOME training session last night with Phoenix!!! We felt very comfortable with you two and learned so much and are all on the same page. I felt that I have known you two for a long time. You will be seeing a lot more us and can't wait for the next time!!! All I can say is that Wolf's Lair K9 is the REAL DEAL and thank you for a very POSTIVE structured training program!!!

Elly and Carlos are helping me adapt my dogs from a country setting in Texas to a suburban environment in Illinois. The results my hunting and herding dogs have achieved to date are largely due to Wolf Lair’s K9 combination of diverse training methods and individualize programs for each dog. As one can imagine at times, it can be very difficult to stop a Pointer from chasing every rabbit and squirrel in the neighborhood while the Aussie seeks for anything to herd. Wolf Lair’s K9 training has not only been tailored to the dogs but to my husband and me. They have taught us how to manage the dogs in public scenarios. Elly and Carlos’ commitment to helping me handle my dogs more effectively in a suburban setting is making us happy and proud pet parents.

We have had a great working relationship with Carlos and Elly from Wolf's Lair K-9 since late 2012. They have been obedience training our 2 - 9 month old Rottweiler pups which is not a task to be taken lightly. We have not only learned a lot about the proper way to handle our dogs but also about why dogs behave in certain ways. Their extensive knowledge of dogs from behavior to health to subtle signals that most humans would not pick up on is remarkable to witness. They are a pleasure to know and extremely dedicated professionals. We are glad to be a part of The Wolfs Lair K9 family.

We adopted a sweet, cuddly, timid little one year old pup right before Christmas. Awwww perfect! One month later and a chewed couch, ruined carpet, and out of control dog that somehow possessed the sweet girl we thought we adopted; I knew we needed help. Enter Carlos and Elly to save the day. We had weekly training sessions which gave us the tools to communicate correctly with our dog. Their techniques were easy to grasp so that we could continue the lesson throughout that week. We really appreciate their dedication in helping us have a fun loving, respectful, sweet dog that is a joy to our family. We love taking her out places and feel great pride in being her owners. We truly enjoy working with wolfs liar and look forward to continued lessons. Thanks for all your help!

They are the best dog training company in the Chicago area! My husband and I adopted a 7 month old puppy that had no training at all and they helped us turn her around in just a few training sessions. They also helped us with biting issues and gave us tips on how to get her and our 10 year old cat to get along! We are so fortunate to know Carlos and Elly and to always know they will be there whenever we have any other issues to resolve with our puppy. I highly recommend them and actually have to all of my friends with dogs.

Absolutely amazing!!! I can't say enough great things about them! They brought our dog Gus back like a whole new guy. Well the same guy but a new guy lol. We were hopeless but now he's so great and have Carlos and his beautiful wife, Elly to thank!

Simply put, Wolf’s Lair K9 has changed our lives and the life of our dog, Rocco. Rocco is an 85 pound American Bulldog, and when he was young we did not do a great job of socializing him. As he grew up he became more and more aggressive towards other dogs and we became increasingly afraid that he would get away from us at some point because he was also so strong and hurt another animal. One day, we had an “almost” accident and knew we had to do something. We came across Wolf’s Lair’s number, and spoke with Carlos who sounded so knowledgeable and seemed to understand exactly what we were going through. We met with him and Elizabeth and had a few private lessons in our home, along with some day training. After a few weeks we decided to do the Boot Camp program. Throughout the 6 week program, Wolf’s Lair K9 did such a great job of keeping in touch with us and letting us know of all of Rocco’s accomplishments, most importantly the ability to be around other animals without feeling the need to attack them! When Rocco came home, he was a different dog. He (and we) can enjoy our walks now, and he is just an overall well-trained dog. Whenever people come to our home, we constantly hear how well behaved Rocco has become. We love them so much want Rocco to continue training with them so we still drop him off for day training a couple times a month as a “refresher course”. They are truly amazing! Thank you for everything you have done and continue to do Wolf’s Lair K9!

Absolutely amazing!! My 5 year old Rottie is like a whole new different dog! He's so obedient now. Before I went to Wolf's Lair, my 125lbs dog would jump on me when it was feeding time, almost knocking me over & also he is not allowed on the carpet, but Massimo (my dog) would sneak in and lay in the same place, causing a dark spot where he lays and as soon as I walk in the house, he would run off so I wouldn't "catch" him, but I snuck in one day to catch him in the act. He'd also pull me when I walk him. It was impossible.

I brought Massimo to Wolf's Lair a few months ago and Carlos & Elly are the best two helpful people I've ever met. They are kind, caring, & attentive to me and Massimo's issues. They even worked with me to change my attitude to let Mass know who is the boss in the house.

After a few months, this beast of a dog no longer jumps all over me for food and NEVER sneaks on the rug (I know cause I had it cleaned before we started). He doesn't pull me and now walks beside me when I take him for walks. I should have went to them much much sooner. Thank you so much Wolf's Lair for changing our lives & relationship with each other for the better!

Carlos & Elly at Wolfs Lair K9 are truly amazing dog trainers. My dog Cooper is a 4.5 year old whoodle who absolutely loves working with them. He gets so excited when they come. Cooper has had other trainers in the past but none who cared as much as Carlos and Elly. I feel so comfortable working with them. They don't only train Cooper they also work with me. I need just as much training as Cooper does :-) Not only have I done training with them, I have also done boarding. I know that when Cooper is in their home he is treated with love. And the constant training that he gets while there is a great bonus. They have turned my crazy Cooper into a well-respected dog who doesn't want to run away from home anymore. When I tell him to come he always comes back right away. And that is a huge reassurance knowing cooper is safer.